Multi note tremolo on grace notes

Hi everyone,

I am trying to input a multi note tremolo between two grace notes.

I have attached an image of what i need to do that is handwritten.

Thank you

You can’t create tremolos on grace notes, I’m afraid, Louie. But you can input those notes in another voice and then scale them to grace note size using the ‘Scale’ property in the Common group of the Properties panel.

Thank you, Daniel. Everything seemed to work.

The only trouble I’m having now is editing the position of the tremolo strokes - they’re attached to the stem and the only way I could make it work rhythmically is if I used crochets, changed the note heads to white diamonds and then adjusted the position of the stems so they were so tiny you can’t see them. Subsequently, this repositioned the tremolo. However, there are very slight and more precise positioning of the strokes that I would like to change but cannot. It’s not the end of the world if i can’t as it still reads well, but it would be great if you could suggest an option.

If you write your notes as half notes, then when you apply a two-note tremolo you will get stemless whole notes.

Hmm, i did think that. Just tried it and it doesn’t work because they must play before the second crotchet beat. The only thing i can think of, would be to extend the bars metric length so i can freely input all these notes but I’m not sure how to do that.

You could input those notes as a tuplet, of course.