Multi-Out Inst Track Presets Issue

Just started playing with this.

Trying to save an Instrument Track Preset using Kontakt and Session Drummer.

Problem is when I reload the Preset in a new project the Channel order is all jumbled and some outputs do not even show in the project window.
I can’t just drag the channels around back into the correct order because they don’t all show in the project window (can’t move in MC).

Kontakt loads fine with all drums going to the correct outputs. The outputs all play fine in the Mix Console (though the order is jumbled).

Also - though minor compared to the above issue - the manual says that Track Colors should be saved and that’s not working either.

Original Setup in the Project Window:

Original Setup in Mix Console:

Reloaded in Project Window:

And in the next post . . .

Could only get 3 shots in the first post, so . .


Reload in Mix Console:

So, any ideas what I’m doing wrong?
Or is anyone one else doing this with no issues?

Thanks for any help!


Edit: Thought I’d add that I tried to make it as easy for CB as possible: The order of the outputs in Kontakt is the same as the order in the Mix Console (the original save). And they all do show as activated when I reload the preset. Just missing in the Proj Window and jumbled in the Mix Console.

Did all tracks contain data or were they empty?

They were empty.

I was just trying to get a quick way of loading a multi out Instrument Track VSTi (like Session Drummer).
Pre 7.5 there was no way at all.

The new Instrument Tracks 2 seemed like a possibility.

I tried using a Track Archive to do the same thing.
It was better - but still odd.
Kontakt loads - with all the right outputs activated.
In the Mix Console the Kontakt outputs are all there - however in the Project Window the first 4 (excepting the “main”) outputs are duplicated. So when I open up the Instrument Track I see all the outs and then “Kik”,“Snare”,“Hat” and"Tom 1" again on the end of the list.

I will probably need to get with support on this as it seems no one else is having any issues with Multi-Out Instrument Track Presets . . and there are quite a few Kontakt users here.


Just to see, I tried with HALion 5 and multi-out and it works, I have a preset with one “Master” out and fifteen “Out 2-16” outs. When I create an instance of the track preset, all 16 show up in, order, both in the project window and in the mix console.

If you create another preset (from scratch with a new Instrument Track and multi-out) does it come up the same way as before, or is it seemingly random? I mean, I understand that the OP was “random”, but is a second test different from the first test?

When doing this, and since you hijacked the thread on an distant related topic :wink:, check out the attachment.
(The highlight under the Mute/Solo when hovering there with the mouse. Hidden functionality? LOL)

Yes. I repeated the attempt to create an Instrument Track Preset AND repeated my attempt to create a Track Archive of the instrument . . even deleting the previous ones, trying slightly different setups . . .
It was consistent every time:

The Preset came up with missing outputs in the Project window. I was able to get them to show by opening up the “Output Activation” window, disabling the output and then re enabling it - but then I lost the name and any other settings for that output.

With the Track Archive it came up better but the first 4 outputs repeated on the end of the list - again fine in the Mix Console. Didn’t effect functionality - everything played fine - but I fear to continue a big project with that screwiness.
It might be I’ve got some kind of file corruption or something going on.
I’ll try with something other than Kontakt and see what happens. I also have Superior Drummer.

The Hidden Functionality is “Track Pictures”! I need to start using those . . .

Thanks for checking it out for me!