Multi-out rendering SSD 5.5 in C11/C12

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with rendering (single) drum tracks from Steven Slate Drums.
The routing is correct, each element got its own output, the meters in Cubase flicker for all the drum channels but still, when I try to render them to individual audio files I only ever get the first three audio channels rendered. This is in C11 and in C12 Pro.

It works as it should though for i.e. Groove Agent SE.
See the GIF-Animation (sorry for the low quality, was testing a new screen recorder):

[EDIT]: File too big to be shown in browser![/]

Has anybody working with SSD 5.5 encountered this? I’ll happily try any suggestions.
Had already looked at the Steven Slate FAQ as well, couldn’t find an answer (only for routing/connecting multiple outputs in all DAWs, which I know how to do).


[2nd EDIT]: Attaching screenshot of render settings!

Nobody 's using SSD 5.5 here? It seems that the only way to print the individual tracks is recording them on their respective output track in real-time…

Haven’ t heard back from Steven Slate support either for the moment.