Multi-out VST effect routing?

If my VST effect allows for multiple outputs (4 in my case), is there a way in Cubase to route and get audio from them? Right now it just sends the main channel 1-2 directly out to the instrument track.

press F11 to get your VST instrument rack displayed - load the instrument there in the rack and not as track instrument - on the right side of the instrument name in the rack there are 3 icons - hover the one on the far right and it will say “active outputs” - Select which outputs you would like to have active

Yes, that’s the process to get multiple outputs from VST instruments, but I don’t suppose it works the same for VST effects?

I guess I got confused from reading it. Which plugin are you working with?

I’m working with Voltage Modular, the FX version. Someone asked the same question before with a different plugin: Routing Multiple Inputs/Outputs thru VST effects - Virtual Effects and Add-ons - Steinberg Forums He unfortunately didn’t get any answers

No, instruments and effects are not the same so it don’t work the same way. I don’t really know what you want to acheive exactly but if you want to route your audio to a new destination check out the sends (pre/post) or direct routing options in the mixer I would guess is your best bet.

If it has four outputs you need a quadrofon channel. That is possible in Cubase when you create a new track. You can have up to 7 channel. I suggest to put the effect into a fx or group bus.

Here’s another example similar to what I’m trying to achieve HoRNet 3XOver overview - YouTube
Is it possible to do this in Cubase?

i am also curious how to this, the first time i wanted this in cubase, was with UA triad, it has 8 outputs…

i thought of other channel settings as kontrath, didn’t try that yet. but it is pity, that cubase can do multiple outs with vst effects. (reason can do it, reaper, so if i want it i use them…). and it seems from the video that keyxmusic posted it can also be done in ableton, didn’t know that.

sometimes it has handy to have more daw’s, but cubase still is my main daw.

At least one way to do it.

Make a Group Channel Track, and set it for the output configuration you desire. There are more than a dozen choices, from Mono, on up to multi-channel fancy surround sound configurations.

Host VST Effects that are quad/surround/etc. in the group’s insert slots.

Route and pan other tracks or instrument buses into the group as needed. As you route tracks/instruments to the group, you should notice that the panner type changes; thus, allowing you to pan things out as you’d like them to enter the multi-channel “group”.


Two HALion 6 stereo ports routed into a Quad Group, with a Quad Channel Mixer Delay VST FX. HALion’s Outputs 1&2 are panned to the front, while 3&4 are panned to the rear. The Group is routed to the main Quad Output (optional, depending on where you want to send the mix, and/or how you’d like to monitor it…its also possible to leave the group unconnected, and monitor things through the the Control Room).

Don’t forget that you can use the “Left Zone” of the Mixer to show and hide channels as needed. I.E. You could combine several channels of VSTi into a a single group with multi-channel effects, and once you’ve got them set up as you like, hide all the instrument busses, but keep the Group(s) visible for easier mixing.

Note, you can also direct the “Sends” of a track or instrument bus into a group, and specify which channels…as opposed to direct routing. Hence, it would be possible to host a multi-channel effect chain and simply ‘send’ signals to it for a traditional wet/dry/parallel sort of mix.

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