Multi out VST track templates

Hi folks,
I’ve just started playing with 7.5 and I don’t see a way to save multi-out VST track templates. I know that it was not possible with v7, but I was kinda hoping that would be possible with the new instrument tracks. Anyone found a good way to do this or know if it’s possible?


It’s the first thing I tried and it doesn’t work. I thought multi-out presets were supposed to be in this too.

You have to open the outputs in the instrument inspector, then you can save outputs with a track preset. As was said in another thread, although inserts are remembered, sends and routing are not.

It’s all a bit messy at the moment, loading in some bespoke custom templates are causing some problems, especially with multi out an routings with consecutive midi track numbering as well as the new rack with that has a mind of its own lol

If you take a vst out of say the middle of the rack, instead of leaving an empty slot, as it used to, all the rest move up and midi channels and routing can be easily messed up. With current glitches not saving routings so well, it really can get confusing, especially when all the track names disappear and you have to set up the routing and names again at the start of a session!

Like wise in the track-add instrument with multiple outs, the channels on the MC gets a bit confused as well as myself lol

Hopefully it’s some human error of not quite understanding the new feature, but it does need a bit of tweaking from cubase!

Maybe, when they look at it, they might also realise the rack (which I’d the size of a tablet on screen) has barely readable fonts they so small and the rack is to big and should be scaled down!

Hmmm…maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Add a Rack Instrument…say BFD3. This also adds a MIDI track and a folder with a “container” track and one output track for the first set of outputs
  2. Add additional outputs for the instrument. New output tracks are created when I do this.
  3. Select the MIDI and the output tracks and choose “Save track preset”

Now, when I create a new project and add that track preset it just adds the MIDI track.

Alternately, if I save the track preset but only select the output tracks (not the MIDI track), when I load it it doesn’t load anything at all.

Any ideas what I’m missing here?

Thanks for the help,

Hi there,

I had the same problem (but with Battery 4). The problem was using a rack instrument. When I went through the same process, but with Track Instrument (on the upper half of the instrument rack), the routing was saved in the preset.

Hope that helps!

To open outputs, use the little icon to the right of the instrument name in the inspector. When I use this, it saves the track preset correctly . Unfortunately though, although inserts are remembered, sends and routing are not.