Multi output at 88.2khz no output


What happens is this…

Open a project that is currently set up as just one stereo output goingt o MR816x out 1&2… Plays back fine.

Go into VST connections and set up 8 stereo outputs and assign them to the MR816x outputs.

Assign tracks in cubase to the multiple outputs.

See level on tracks and at output busses in cubase but no audio out of racks and meters on the front of the rack are not showing signal coming out of the rack either…

Sometimes closing the project and cubase then reopening it and the multichannel output works…

Has anyone experienced this and why on earth would it be happening… I am getting sick of it!


You’re not assigning them to the ADAT outs are you? At 88/96k the adat outputs half.


No I have actually made the ADAT inactive in the device setup…

So all that is showing is the analog inputs

I work at 96k a lot but only use outputs 1&2 and 3&4 for main and cue mix.Are you using the control room?


not using control room just VST connections.