Multi-output creates automation not midi!

I’m attempting to use multi-output and it is not working correctly. I’m attempting to do this with Superior Drummer 2, but this occurs for Arturia Spark or any other instrument I’m try to use multi-output with. Here are the steps I perform:

  1. I create the track by opening up VST instruments and then selecting add rack instrument.
  2. A dialogue box pops up asking me if I want to create midi and I click yes
    Now I have Superior Drummer and a midi track for Superior Drummer.
  3. I go back to VST instruments and click on the outputs for superior drummer. I select everything from 1/2 up to 15/16.
  4. I reassign these in Superior Drummer

When I look under the VST Folder and Midi (next to the inspector) all these outputs show up as automation data rather than midi. What am I doing wrong?