Multi output Instrument Into audio tracks

Please can you help me to do this ? what he explain a 8 min

I want to split my drum snare kick HH ect … into audio tracks . Or instrument tracks . I don’t know how it works in cubase .

I just want to be able to put different plugin and automation on each element .

Is it possible ?

thank’s !!


In the Inspector of Project window open Track name tab. In the Output fields, where is the name of your Virtual Instrument, there is Output icon, like this: [->. Click it, and enable multiple or all outputs. The relevant Audio Return Channels will be created, and you can route the signal to these Channels from your Instrument.

thank’s !

But i’m ok for that’s , I can activate this output chanel and route my instruments in this chanels .

But what i’m searching for is to recover in the project this chanels .

Then when i create audio tracks to get back the signal , In input I see nothing . what I want to do is to have all my elements splited in audio tracks .

and I see only stereo tracks in output for vst instruments … for drum i would like to have the choice for mono .


You have 3 options:

  1. Select the Audio Return of the Instrument track, and use Render In Place. I’m not 100% sure, Render In Place works even for Audio Returns.

  2. File > Export > Audio Mixdown. On the left side enable Channel Batch Export. Select the Audio Returns of your Instrument track. In the Import into Project, enable “Audio Tracks”. Click Export. You can do this offline, for all Audio Returns at once.

  3. In the VST Connections > Outputs Add a Stereo Bus (lets say with name Stereo Out 2). Route the Audio Return of the Instrument track to the Stereo Out 2. Add an Audio track, as an Input, select Stereo Out 2. Enable recording on the Audio track, and hit record. In this case, you have to record it one by one in real time.

Whereas I’m not sure the 1 works, I would recommend to go with the 2nd option. But if 1 works, then I would recommend 1.