Multi-pasting in divisi staves not working?

I have noticed that when pasting one bar to several divisi staves at the same time, it pastes only to one staff. I suppose that this is because it makes no sense to have the same music in a divisi staff, but there are some situations that this may happen (for example, same music but different technique text, articulations…). It would be also useful if the rhythm is the same in each divisi staff, but notes are different (first you should be able to copy them to re-enter the pitches).

All copy-paste operations in Dorico work on a per-instrument rather than per-staff basis, so you cannot e.g. copy the same material into both staves of a piano with a single paste operation, and the same is true for pasting into divisi staves: you have to paste into each staff separately. I wouldn’t expect this to be something we change in general, though we do have a special case for pasting into only the left-hand staff of the piano, so perhaps we could in future extend this to pasting a single source staff into a number of divisi staves. But I wouldn’t expect this to be something we add imminently.

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Thank you for the explanation, Daniel!

I was going to open a new thread but I see the answer here that paste ignores divisi.

However, my use case may prompt a different consideration. I’m importing multiple staves of musicXML then pasting them into my orchestra. I have 38 parts generated in the import, and want to paste them to the 38 staves of my orchestra score, including all strings divisi a 3. Would I be better NOT using divisi and just set-up the strings as individual ‘instruments’? i.e. vln-Ia, vln-Ib, vln-Ic, vln-IIa, vln-IIa, vln-IIb, vln-IIc etc?

I would first see what happens when the xml is opened in Dorico. Dorico will probably create a bunch of extra instruments where the divisi should be.

I would then create divisis where needed on the main string parts. Next, in Galley View, you can easily select and move notes into the newly created divisi (using Alt-N). Finally delete the (now empty) instruments and rationalise instrument names.

Good luck

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Thanks Janus, the divisi are continuous throughout the 20min orchestra score, but I’m new to this so will give your suggestion a try to see what I can learn.

I have found a solution for this: just copy from divisi staves and paste to normal staves using explode command. It works perfectly unless for single melodies :slight_smile: