Multi-port Kontakt input

I’m trying to use Kontakt with multi-port input.

I have 4 ports defined in the Dorico Endpoint Setup.

But Kontakt recognizes only the first port.

(If I still assign some instruments in Kontakt to port B, they don’t receive any events).

The problem seems to be the same as in the topic “MIDI multi-port with Kontakt” from Jan’19, and there the answer was that Kontakt is VST2.

My Kontakt installation supports both VST2 and VST3. (the file /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Kontakt.vst3 exists; I’m using macOS).

When I click the “NI” icon in the Kontakt window it says that it’s running as VST3.

Is Dorico still invoking the VST2 Kontakt plugin? Do I have something misconfigured? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I believe these multiple ports are only accessible when you use the VST3 version of Kontakt, so my guess is that you must somehow still be loading the VST2 version.

Hi @dspreadbury , I think there is a bug somewhere. I tried it myself, but in the endpoint setup configuration the number of ports always falls back to 1, even if you save it. So I also can’t get it working with the VST3 version.

Thank you both.

@Ulf , Did you remember to click the “Set” button next to the input for the number of ports? It’s easy to miss. For me it seemed that Dorico created the additional ports:

Thank you, @dspreadbury, is there any way I can debug this or force the VST3 version to be loaded?

Yes, I did press that Set button, but then still ports B to D in Kontakt are not available. And I do use the VST3 version.
To absolutely make sure on your side, you could move out the Kontakt*.dll from the Program Files/Common Files/VST2 folder.
Or check on the About window of Kontakt. Open the Kontakt window in Dorico, at the right top is the Native Instruments logo. Click on that and the About window appears. On the top left there it tells me that it is VST3.

Thanks, I’ll try removing the vst2 Kontakt.

Yes, the about window in Kontakt tells me it’s running as VST3.

When the About window says it is VST3 then there is no doubt about it.

Kontakt 7 (VST3 version) does not support multiple ports. It’s just a simple port from the VST2 version so it loads in apps that require VST3.

See this thread over at VI Control:

Thanks for confirming, @dlb. So I guess we need to wait for further updates from Native. In the meantime, @vincent.k, you’ll need to use multiple instances of Kontakt and address only the first port in each.

Thank you so much for linking this, @dlb! This explains everything.

(Actually the message you linked to is from Jul 2021 and is about Kontakt 6 - it seems it’s a single thread across all Kontakt version updates. I’m still on Kontakt 6. But I don’t see in the release notes for Kontakt 7 anything about multi-port input either).

Thank you, @dspreadbury. I actually started with this configuration, but with 15 Kontakt instances I observed a really significant CPU usage, even when not in playback mode. I thought that by grouping my instruments into less Kontakt instances through the use of multi-port input I’d reduce the CPU usage. Assigning multiple instruments to the same Kontakt instance using multiple channels on the same port didn’t seem the best approach because I’m using one channel per articulation. But since multi-port input is not supported, in the end I played with my expression maps and succeeded in mapping multiple instruments to the same Kontakt instances. The CPU saving were significant - by halving the number of Kontakt instances I saved an entire core (in idle mode).