Multi-Rest problem

Hi, I have a problem with multi-rests which, afaict, hasn’t been raised elsewhere on the forum. I have a score with multiple vocal parts. Multi-rests are displaying correctly for two of the vocal parts, but for the third, they are all written out as single rests. I’ve had a poke around the settings and haven’t been able to fix it so far. Screenshots to show the vocal part with single rests. The other parts–which have similar performance markings, and I’ve checked that it isn’t the dynamic marking being attached to the beginning of the bar causing this issue-- have been grouped automatically into multi-rests. Any suggestions?

Here’s another vocal part from the same score showing the multi-rests already grouped appropriately.

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The lyric hyphens across the last 3 bars in your first screenshot suggest Dorico thinks the lyric extends across those bars. I’m also not quite sure what the 7 is - a bar number positioned in the middle of the bar?

I think rather than hyphens, you want lyric extender lines. To get those, select the first Woo, press Return to bring up the lyrics popover, then press Space to advance until the next lyric; repeat for that one but just press Return to close the popover once it reaches the G. This should also prompt Dorico to recalculate where the lyric ends, and you’ll get multi-bar rests from bar 5.

Thank you! I’ll give this a go

This worked! Thank you so much!

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