Multi rest when using 'open' time signature

a problem here with multirests…
In the score I use open time signatures (for free rhythm).
But when viewing the part: multirests are ‘broken’ by those open time signatures. Later in the score: no problem showing the multirests for regular time signatures.

Since open time signature measures have no value (beat count), it is not surprising that Dorico does not combine them into multi-measure rests. Without cues or clear articulation points at each (unmeasured) measure change, I am not sure how someone would read a part like the one above.

This would be even more difficult if they were combined in to a multi-measure rest.


Specifically in this case (because Violin doesn’t need any indication of number of measures) it would be practical to be able to get a multirest.
You can’t see the piano part here, but it is more than obvious when to start for the violin - no need for other visual cues. Which is often the case.

Perhaps experimenting with local time signatures might help?

See step 6:

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Does the Violinist get to see the piano part?