Multi rests and tempo indications

Happy New Year all!
I’m getting better at this, but occasionally I hit a wall. In my score some instruments have a twelve bar rest where a new tempo begins. What shows in the parts is one bar of rest with the tempo above it followed by an eleven bar multi rest. How do I get a twelve bar multi rest with the tempo shown above it at the front end of the rest? I have been looking high and low for a solution.

Make sure the tempo indication is attached to the first beat of the first bar.

Thanks. I’ll go have a look.

Indeed it is attached to the first beat. I have not found anything else affecting that measure.

If you would like to post the project here, or cut it down to to just the affected section (and save it with a different name so that you don’t overwrite the original), I can have a look at it.

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That will be forthcoming. I’ll have to do it a bit later. I was hoping for a quick fix.

If you’re sure about that, then there will be something else, possibly hidden, which is causing that bar to not be part of a multi-bar rest. It might be in one of the other parts in that bar.
What happens if you delete the tempo indication or move it back a few beats so that it is now in the previous bar?

I have been looking for something that might be hidden somewhere as you suggest. I just made an extraction from the score, the twelve bars I am talking about plus one bar prior to those twelve. After deleting all the unnecessary bars from the score to create the sample to check, those twelve bars became a 12 bar multi rest with the tempo marking properly displayed, which gives evidence that something is in fact hidden affecting these 12 measures. It must be something prior to them that is causing the issue. I’ll delve into it more tomorrow.

There have been similar situations mentioned by other Dorico users. When the project was posted for some detective work by other users, it was usually discovered (typically within a few minutes) that a previous marking of one sort or another (gradual tempo, lyric, “cresc.”, etc.) had a hidden extension line which went for many bars longer than was necessary. When the particular marking was selected, the end of it would show up as the little red circle at the end of the extension line. Shortening the extension line or deleting the marking and re-entering it fixed the problem.

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I finally found the problem, Steven, and thank you for your help. There was ome text assigned to all parts that should have started at the beginning of the first 12 bars. Somewhere along the line when I was in engrave mode cleaning up parts, the text got transferred to the end of the first bar. Apparently the overlap into the next bar changed things up.