Multi-rests bar

Hi, how do I create a single multi-rests bar(a bar that has a number on it indicating how many bar rests are there)?


After changing the layout option to multi-rest bar, I am now unable to add more bars after the second bar is condensed into the multi-rest bar. There is no + icon on the system track anymore for me to add another one, I want to have eight rest bars condensed into one, how should I do it?

You can add more bars by selecting the final barline, typing Shift+B 8 Enter (where 8 is the number of bars you want to add). The sensible approach is to do work in a layout that doesn’t have multirests consolidated (typically a score layout). If you specifically want the multi-bar rest to be broken after 8 bars, then either insert a non-standard barline at the start of bar 9 (which you can do from Write mode), or select the barline at the start of bar 9/end of bar 8 and go Engrave > Split Multirest (which you can do in Engrave mode). These actions can both be performed with multi-bar rest consolidation turned off - they’ll take effect when you later turn on consolidation of multi-bar rests.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. So am I right to say that it makes everything more organised if I work with unconsolidated setting first and leave the rest bars as it is, then when I finish scoring I turn on the consolidated setting to make it more condensed?

Yep. If there are specific places you want multi-bar rests to be split, you can always do that from the unconsolidated version.

Ok much appreciated. Btw, is it possible for me to send you inquiries regarding Dorico via Facebook messenger or something? I’m fine with telegram too lmao, I’m desperate to have things figured out sometimes.

If you post here on the forum you will get answers from the community very quickly. I’m sure Leo would rather not personally be answering questions from you on Facebook or Telegram. You should also check the FAQ thread for beginners, which is designed to help you find out how to answer the questions you will have as you start using Dorico for yourself.

Ok understood!

Ah. Daniel’s said pretty much everything I was about to say - I was just looking for the link to the FAQ thread!
Though I’m a prolific poster here (and on the Facebook group), I’m merely a user and I do have various other priorities. I think you’d get quite frustrated at how slow I can sometimes be to reply, whereas if you ask here somebody will likely get to it quickly.