Multi-rests not consolidating in only one flow of one layout

I’ve got the strange situation that in ONLY the Harp Part and ONLY the 6th Flow, multi-rests don’t seem to be working. I’ve got signposts on and there’s nothing fishy there. Any ideas? Screenshot and file below.

Dorico file: Dropbox - Ruinous Gods v26.dorico - Simplify your life

Thanks for any help!

Hi @pcg1993 I think I found the culprit. Your first playing technique (thunder effect) is long as the whole flow, and this doesn’t let Dorico consolidate the multibar rests. If you activate the line in the properties* you can see it. Shorten it or delete and rewrite the Playback Technique only for the first note, and all (multirests) will be good.

*) the Continuation type property appears only if the PT has a length, as in the case of your first bar’s PT.

@Christian_R omg GENIUS! Thank you for finding that. Seems so obvious now that you say it but would have taken me ages. Much appreciated!!

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@pcg1993 Glad it helped!

well: I was lucky :slight_smile:

But (just in case someone is interested) I explain a possible diagnosis strategy that I used in this case:

on a copy of the file , make select all and one after the other, filter (select only) and delete the various elements that appear in the filter contextual menu, starting with the most common suspects (text, playing technique, articulations, tempo markings, dynamics…etc…) and see if something changes. As soon as the multirests bars consolidate, you have delimited/defined the cause. In this case was the PT: make undo one time (to make the deleted PT reappear) and you look further, for example this suspiciously viewable Continuation type option, and activate the line to see how long the PT is…, and so on till you find the cause.