Two Questions here:
1- is there a way to not show the 1 bar rest with the black bar, just a simple whole rest?
2 - why are the 11 bars at ms 81 not using multiple rest?

Hi @kclements

  1. Yes, provided you have Dorico Pro - there’s an Engraving Option for this on the Rests page, Multi-bar rests section

  2. There’s probably something preventing them consolidating. Show signposts, and check for hidden items like time signatures (red signposts - can also be a result of inputting single barlines as overrides) or chord symbols

thanks - I do have pro and I was looking at layout Options, not Engraving Options. Thanks for that.

2 - I have signposts visible, and there is nothing there, and I can’t find anything hidden in those bars. It’s OK, not a big deal, just curious why it isn’t doing what I thing it should.

Thanks for your help, @Lillie_Harris

There is certainly something in those bars. Do you have all signpost categories showing? Try selecting everything in those bars and hitting Delete.

I suspect it’s the lyric extension line again. See this recent topic.

Unless there is something I am missing, I think I have all the signposts visible:

Yes, that was it. I deleted one of the spaces after the AH, and it fixed it.
Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 3.22.58 PM

But, thanks to Engrave mode, I can just manually adjust that line. I do enjoy working in Dorico. Thanks everyone for your help. (does seem like this is an unnecessary step, though)

Try inputting an extra note in the bar immediately after the last note in the “glissando chain”, then re-extend the lyric pressing Space until you reach the added note, but don’t go past it; when you reach it, press Esc. Then delete the note.

If memory serves, this happens if you add the lyric when there are later notes on that staff and you press Space beyond the last note you want the lyric to extend to - which extends it to the next note on the staff, even if that’s bars away. Doing the above ^ ensures it only extends at the most to the next bar.

I don’t know if this has come up before, but for compositions with lots of mixed meter, it could be useful for the bar rest to be replaced (via a global setting or something) by the appropriate rhythmic rests. So a 2/4 bar would automatically have a half rest, a 7/8 bar would show rests according to its division (e.g. quarter rest, quarter rest, dotted quarter rest), etc.

In case this has not already been requested, could I please make a request for the team to consider this? And if it already exists (I don’t think it does), great!