Multi-rhythmic cues?

I am trying to display multiple rhythms above a grand staff, ideally without the staff behind the rhythms. I did this using an ossia and multiple slash voices. Another approach is rhythm cues, which works for a single rhythm and doesn’t show the staff. Is there a way to show multiple rhythms without a staff? Or if I want multiple rhythms to appear, is the ossia with visible staff the way to go?

You can have multiple cues that overlap, although the trick is to input them slightly offset rhythmically and then move them into place (as if you create a new cue where there’s an existing one, the existing one gets replaced but if you e.g. input one cue in one bar and a different cue in the next, you can move the cue in the 2nd bar back to overlap in the first bar).

You can also change the gap between rhythmic cues and the top of the staff.