Multi-sampled drums in Groove Agent SE

I have 16 samples of a snare drum recorded from soft hit to medium to hard that i want to trigger with different velocities. So far i’m only able to drag 8 of them to a pad in groove agent. it would be really inconvenient to have to have two different keys assigned to a snare drum just for different velocities, and i know nowadays because of SD2.0 etc people are using a lot more than 8 samples per drum… is there a way to do this that i am overlooking?

8 samples per pad, that’s it. :cry:

Any idea why they would make it that way? that seems so odd to me to leave that out yet have all of these other features

Shame. I actually like groove agent and was going to recreate my drumkits in other programs and save a template so i could start consolidating my workflow with less plugins but at 8 samples per pad i pretty much can’t use any of them

seems like they made it for dance music only

Possibly the full version of Groove Agent (not the freely included SE) offers what you need?

unfortunately i don’t see it mentioned anywhere on steinbergs page

and after giving them 100 dollars for the cubase 8 upgrade that is so buggy i haven’t been able to use it for over three months, i have no intention of giving them another 200 dollars for such a basic feature

Possibly he wasn’t sure and that’s why he said possibly.
According to the Manual for GA full version, it’s still maximum 8 samples per pad.

maybe a lame workaround would be (if possible i didn’t check it) to assign 8 first velocities to one pad and the rest 8 to another pad, both pad routed to same midi keyboard note and audio path.

Thank you for looking that up. very strange indeed

OP already written:-

As for this

Not sure how many velocity layers SD2.0 actually allows… here’s a piece I found (by Toontrack…?) when asked that same question:-

Doesn’t help you regarding GA4 I know, but got me thinking, which drum samplers out there actually use more than ‘8 velocities per pad’ as it were…? I’m curious now…

Good luck…!