Multi Screens bug !!

Hi guys,

I’m using Cubase 10.5.PRO on 2 screens. Each screen has different resolution:
First Screen (Main): 3840 * 2160
Second Screen: 1920 * 1080

when I open Cubase everything work fine in the both screens. BUT, most of the times, the screens go to the Sleep Mode while I’m not working. When I come back to work I find all the Cubase lists and menus are not working well :exclamation: !!! . To solve that I need to close Cubase and reopen it again after each time the Screens go to the Sleep Mode.

I attached an example of one of the effected lists, but almost all the list get effected:

  • Insert Menu in the mixer to selecting plugins
  • Clolors Menu
  • Quantize Menu

  • I have a video showing the other lists in the project window and in the mixer but I couldn’t upload it here because its too big.

    Best Regards,


I have seen the very same menu issue multiple times here on the forum. It was always linked with unsupported graphic card. But Cubase restart (or even trashing Cubase preferences) didn’t help in those cases.

In any cases, it seems the graphic becomes corrupted when the screens come back from the sleep mode and they don’t communicate with the graphic card the ver sae way as before.