Hi guys,

I know Daniel has mentioned this in Frankfurt. But ~I~ would not be me if I could remember :smiley:

I am like many others a multi-screen workoholic. Although I love the one-screen design I would prefer as much space as possible on my middle screen for the main frame while on the left hand screen the tool-boxes are nested and on the right-hand screen the Midi-editor is shown. Screen 4 is always reserved for VSL-Ensemble.

  1. So would it be possible to show both Input tab and playback tab at the same time?

  2. Do the panels follow the fly-out architecture so that those can be placed where-ever one likes?

I am aware of the fact that this will not happen in the very first version but at least when the video feature will be implemented (which needs an always-on-top setting) multi-screen for studio-environments becomes an important role.

You can have multiple windows onto the same project open, and each one can be showing different layouts and be in a different mode, so you can indeed be looking at both Write mode and Play mode in the same project at the same time.

The panels that are arranged around the edges of the project window cannot be detached, but of course they can be opened and closed easily at any time.

Dorico remembers the state of all of the windows belonging to the project when the project is later re-opened, including which panels are open and closed, which mode each window is in, which layouts youโ€™re looking at, and so on, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Thanks Daniel for the quick reply,

one last question: Do I have to stretch the main window over all screens like Cubase until they fixed this with version 7?

If you want the same window to span multiple monitors, yes, I think you will need to drag it out across all of the screens; if you maximise a window in Dorico, it will only fully occupy a single display.