multi select event colours to track/channel colours?

Never solved this one …

how can selected event colours be reflected automatically to channel colours?

so I select a bunch of drum events for example - colour them - then see selected colour in project window as track colour?

Tried all sorts of modifiers & hunted through prefs - but nothing seems to work.

Got some enormous mixes to get through & colouring each track separately is a pain.

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Couple of things to try:

  1. You can assign colors via the Project Logical Editor which will allow you to select however many tracks and assign color with one button press. Downside is it takes a bit of time to set up.
  2. You can assign one track then shift select all the other tracks you want the same color. Right click on the colored track and use the “Use color for similar selected tracks” command. Unfortunately you can’t assign that command to a key which seems kind of like a no brainer to me. john.

Many thanks John - will give this a go.

Ok No.2 helps - but still have to assign event colour then select track colour to match. Seems odd there’s no simple command for this.
I guess the PLE is the way to go - but looks incredibly complicated to me right now. Will get on with mixing and make some time for this later. Thanks for the tips.

Here’s the thread that got me started on working with the PLE, once you build a few commands it gets easier. The color one is spelled out thoroughly in this thread. john.

Nuendo allows you to color tracks and events separately. If the track is colored and no event color is defined then the event(s) take on the color of the track. With that in mind it sounds to me like you simply want to color multiple tracks at once and have your events follow that (rather than the other way around).

  • Select all tracks that you wish to color in the project window and make sure NO events are selected (if they are then the events get colored - not the tracks).
  • From the color palette drop-down choose the color
    –> All tracks are now colored with that color and events should follow suit provided they had no color set.

Ah yes - of course - just saw this. Many thanks likelystory.

Actually - just tried this. The events don’t follow the track colour. Events are not selected. Looking for a preference to link track colour to events?

Ok. Appears my problem has been that I have previously assigned a different colours to the events from track colours - in this case the events will not follow the track colour until events & track colour reset to default. Thereafter event colours follow track colour.

Thanks for helping me solve this - has been an annoyance.

You can reset event colors to default so they follow track color again. I find it helpful to mark events base on edit state or song section while track colors are used in the mix window for track identification and grouping.