Multi-select events

This might well end up on the FR forum but first off I’d just see if anyone knows. If I want to select several adjacent events buried within the arrangement, with no easily accessible space around for dragging, and I’m finding it a right pita.

There are ways of doing this but they all seem a bit of a flow-breaker. I can use the Range Tool, Ctrl-click every single event or select one then Shift-Arrow to multi-select. This is fine for small sections but when you have a bunch to do - or several - I would like to be able to do what you can do in any word processor or Windows, namely Select the first event then Shift-Select the last to select the range. Further ranges could be added holding down Ctrl, so Ctrl-Select selects the start of the next block and Ctrl-Shift-Select the end and so on. This could happen across tracks.

This combination seems to be available. At the moment Ctrl- or Shift-clicking produces the same result - multi-select. I suggest that Ctrl-Select be multi-select and Shift-Select select range.

Or does anyone know how it can already be done?


I do totally agree! the previous version (6.5) shift was help me out to select the upper lover event, and shift+G was my friend to loop an event. but now they are all disappear :confused:

Could you not define your own key commands?

Reason for not looking to key commands? :confused:

@zeez1628: thanks for you support :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s possible in this case is it? I’ll have a look, maybe a macro would do it, but it’s a workaround for something that I feel could be done better as part of enhanced selection facilities.

Tracks could do with the same treatment too - Shift-click works there but Ctrl-Shift-click selects the whole range rather than allowing you to form two separate blocks. I know, it can be done as separate blocks and arguably should be to prevent tears - but this is getting beyond the point.

You can select a range a range of tracks already by Shift-clicking, let’s have it for events too please.

(and before you think I’m ignoring your suggestion, sonocstate, I’m not, I’m just off for a fiddle with it now, will let you know… :wink: )

Sorry bud, don’t get what you mean there…


My point exactly, it’s already there. :bulb:

Oh, look who’s back. :laughing:

Let’s try and keep this on topic please. I’m not called Crotchety for nothing… :smiley:

Your question’s been answered. :unamused:

OH! I thought I was the first to spot it, Jeff, but you beat me to it!

I’ve put this in the FR forum:

Consider this thread closed. Thanks for reading! :smiley:


No need for FR, it’s already possible. :unamused: