multi-staff cue into single staff instrument

I’m wondering if there is a way to deal with multi-staff cues going onto a single staff instrument? Attached is an excerpt from a project I’m working on. I’d like to put a marimba cue in the flute part (and move it up an octave to fit in the treble clef, which I know how to do). When I press shift+u to add a cue, I can only select marimba (a) or (b), which doesn’t create a very helpful cue. Any ideas or workarounds? Thanks!
multistaff (506 KB)

Cues can only come from a single staff. Your best bet is to create a dummy single-staff “marimba” part that doesn’t display in the full score, and populate it however you want the cues to appear.

You can have multiple overlapping cues. Add one, then add another with the caret slightly later or earlier. Then drag the circular handle if you need the two cues to start at the same place.

Thank you for your replies. Dan your suggestion did the trick. pianoleo, I may have done it incorrectly but your suggestion didn’t work because the beams between the 2 cues were unconnected, but good to know for the future.