Multi-staff instrument customizability

I’m working on my second project in less than a year that includes a hurdy-gurdy part!

Hurdy-gurdy notation isn’t standardized, but it’s best (in my opinion) to give them 3 staves: trompette, melody and drone. However not all staves are always needed. And arguably the Trompette works best as a single-line staff.

In Dorico 4, I created this as a Group. Then I could label each staff and if I hid staves it was clear what the visible ones represented.

Problem: I had one player on hurdy-gurdy and he was also on percussion… but because I used a Group for the hurdy I had to pretend these were different people. It was okay because I switched him between flows. His name was on both players. Awkward if I want to publish though.

I love the Instruments dialog in D5! Now I can make a 3-staff hurdy gurdy and switch between that and percussion mid-flow!

Problem: in the Instruments dialog there is no way to add staff labels nor to give staves different numbers of staff lines.

So that’s my feature request…

Also, I’d love suggestions for workarounds other than groups.

Thank you!