multi take loop recording

for a loop recording only the last take is unmuted . is there any way so that whenever we highlight a lane it is unmuted and rest all lanes are muted. using mute tool to unmute the required lane to select the best take is time consuming.


At the bottom of each lane, in the middle, there’s a tiny box to click which activates that lane. It’s like highlighting the lane but you have to do it right on that point.

Use the comp tool. This tool activates the event you click on and mutes everything else in the same time line.
Hope this helps…

Just to clarify the terminology, none of this actually mutes or un-mutes anything. The Comp Tool (or the little box - they’re the same thing) selects which Part on the different lanes is currently active. But the non-active Parts are not muted. You can see this if you use the arrow tool to drag an active part to a different Track. Another part on a different Lane will become the new active part - no un-muting necessary.

Heck you can even mute the active part and no sound will come out even if un-muted but not active Parts exist.

Thank everyone . will try the suggested steps.

Thanks for clarification raino.
In the way you describe the “Mute” function you are right BUT a none active event is treated like it is muted. I mean if a event is there and you don’t hear it, it has the same effect like muted that’s why i named it so.
But you are right if you want to be precise to the terminology of functions.

Think of it like pages in a book. A muted part would be like a blank page with nothing printed on it. While non-active parts have stuff printed on them, but you can’t read it if the book is open to a different page.