Multi-thread the VariAudio processing and add batch

I have a scenario right now which is pretty painful with Cubase.

I have a live concert recording of my vocal group where each singer has been singing in their own microphone and is recorded to individual channels. Each set if around 1 hour long and there are around 20 singers recorded. I want to be able to use the super-great VariAudio feature to tweak some bad pitching here and there, so I want to analyse VariAudio for each of these 20 1-hour long audio files.

Each file takes about 40 minutes to analyse on my pretty well-spec’ed i7 quad-core machine. I can see that only one of my logical cores is maxing out the CPU, so it seems that the analyse phase is not multi-threaded. I have 8 logical cores, so by “just” multi-threading it, the time could be significantly reduced.

The worst part of this is that I can only start one channel at a time. So every 40 minutes I need to go back to the computer and set off the next channel. So this whole process is taking forever. If at least I could somehow ask Cubase to do it as a batch-job for all channels, it could set it going and then go to bed.

I know this might be a minority situation, and lucikly I don’t often do this. But nevertheless, it would be nice :slight_smile:

Multi processor support it’s a problem for a lot of things… It should be optimized to take full advantage of multicore CPUs…
Also +1 on batch processing