Multi timbral CC Lane not following


I’m trying to have multiple articulations on a single Play 5 instance with each one responding to different midi channel.

While that’s easy enough and working, my issue is that the CC lanes only send data to one channel and when the channel is switched, it switches the articulation alright but now the CC lane is not sending values to that new channel.

Why is that not working well? Any of you have solutions?



Interesting… Could you try to MIDI Channel to Any, please?

Yes it is already. Without the channels to “any,” nothing works at all not even channel switching. I’ve found a workaround though. The Controller Lane affects all channels only when I use an expression map and map it to channels instead of keyswitches. When I do this, it changes the channels but somehow it’s not showing in the info bar when I select the notes. The all still show channel 1 but maybe that is a good thing. Using the Expression Map for channel switching has it’s advantages because I can now play all the patches without having to change my piano’s midi channel. That is probably why notes still all show channel 1 in the info bar when selected. How that works I don’t know but my channels do switch.

Still I shouldn’t t have to use an expression map to have the CC lane affect all channels of it’s own track. Sometimes I’d like to make quick articulation switching without having to configure an expression map. It’s a lot faster to just select a group of notes and change there channel in the info bar. Both scenarios should work.

Using MIDI Channels to switch articulations in a single Play instance is the only way I’ve found to do it - other than using Key Switches built in to or created in the VSTi - which I find limiting.

Odd that the CC data doesn’t also change if you manually change the note channel. You would think it would follow.

I have a related but slightly different issue with CC Data:

A lot of what I use in Play are Orchestral sounds.
The fact that the CC data is channelized - rather than affecting ALL channels (articulations) on that MIDI Input means that when I switch Articulations the new Articulation is still at the last CC value that it was used at - rather than the current value.
If the CC data is not actually moving at that point (to update the new Articulation) this can cause issues - like a Violin suddenly getting very quiet, or LOUD.
I have to make sure that there is at least a blip of CC at the change to match them.

I’m not sure if CC DATA can be De-channelized, though, in a way that it affects all channelized VSTis.
If there were it would solve your problem and mine.


Actually we have the same problem. I’ve also setup play to have up to 16 articulations on 16 different midi channels. It seemed that using the expression map to change midi channels has solved the CC lane not following when channels where switched. I’ve only set it up Friday and I was working with short vs long articulation. CC1 and 11 does not really apply to short articulations so I did not notice.

At least every channel (articulation) was now reading the CC lane but I did not notice it there where sudden jumps from previous values to new ones. I’ll confirm this on Monday but I don’t think it did.

It’ll read AFTER you switch Articulations.
If you’re sending CC as you switch it’ll be OK.
But if there is no CC data going on at that point then it will be whatever it was last time you used that Articulation.

If this is not true for you then I want to know your secret.


Yeah you’re right but I’m having this problem all the time even without channel switching. I use an expression pedal to change CC1 and CC11 values as I play and if I did not record any CC data, it will change the values and it brings confusion. I tried to use the Quick Controls show me those CC values but they are not totally in sync with the Controller Lane and that brought even more confusion as they seam independent somehow. There should be Read/writes toggles and faders on the controller lanes.