Multi Time Signatures and Merge Tempo with Tapping

Sorry to have to post about this, but I’m hoping someone can easily guide me around what I’m doing wrong. I’m working with a song that alternates between 7/4 (chorus) and 4/4 (verse) time, although the tempo remains the same throughout (around 86 bpm). I need to create a tempo track, but when I use “merge tempo from tapping” on a midi track where I tapped out each bar, the tempo comes out way wrong on either the verse or the chorus (depending on how I had the first time signature set on the signature track). I’ve tried setting my time signature changes on the signature track in advance of using “merge tempo from tapping”, but the problem remains. Can someone advise?


It isn’t really anything you are doing “wrong”… except that Cubase can’t possibly know “in advance” if you are going to intend to change time signature mid-stream. This is only a problem if you tap once *per bar". It is always more convienient to tap per beat, then edit the time signatures afterwards.
But, if you wish to tap only once per bar, I suggest you do so for each section separately. Then use “Merge Tempo from Tapping”, making sure that Left and Right Locators are set correctly. Then enter the new (e;g. 7/4) time signature, then do the same for the next section.
But, really, tap once per beat instead, it’s so much easier :wink:.

Another possibility, but it depends upon the nature of the music… easier if it has definite rhythmic (and easily visible) content, would be to use the TimeWarp tool instead.


Thanks so much for the reply! I can understand why the tempo would be off when first interpreting the bar tapping under a single time signature, but i guess I was expecting it to correct itself once the time information was entered in the signature track, or even reference the signature track if it was completed in advance. Oh well, your suggestion of “per beat” works great, so I’ll just do that, thanks!
Just for my own education, I attempted your other suggestion of merging each section separately, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to do that. No worries though, I agree that the per beat method appears to be the best. Thanks again!