Multi Tool


I am new to cubase 7! I was convinced to switch over from protools 10 and i must say I do not regret that decision :slight_smile:

I was wondering if theres anything similar to the following functions in protools found in cubase

  1. The multi tool
  2. key command to delete what you just recorded and locate back to the starting point where you just recorded from (cntrl+. in PT i believe)
  3. locate to beginning of sequence without mashing B a million times.

Thanks in advance :^)

  1. , is return to “zero”

  2. You can make macro for delete and return to zero action, so probably you can for return to last point too, since hitting stop twice takes you there

  3. I don´t know what multitool does, but probably alot, never liked PT anyway

You mean the smart tool?

Yeah it is good, but in cubase it is just as effective using handles on the audio event itself eg resizing.

Ctrl-Z (undo) seems to do it for me. Puts the abandoned audio into the Pool’s trash too.

What do you mean by “beginning of the sequence”?

You can make a Macro and set a Pref or two to accomplish that, I use it all the time.

If my memory is good, you can’t put Undo command in a macro…