Multi-touch support for Cubase (mixer)

Hi all !

This has perhaps (?) been proposed before, but I have wish to see support implemented for multi-touch screens in Cubase, for particular the mixer and other areas where this could be applicable such as in the editor (stretching, zooming etc). Imagine being able to move several sliders on-screen at the same time without using the mouse (that is if you don’t have a hardware mixer/controller that takes valuable space off of you desk :wink: ). Also, having it on-screen will make the user easily orient/see the correct fader button(s) in an instance.

Anyways, just an idea I think can make Cubase even more fluid now that multi-touch screens become more common. Cheers!

it will work as long as the display is multi touch, and not just for mixer.

real multitouch is not really “common” or cheap (exept for ipad) i have one “cheap” (250€) 23’ touch monitor but you can use only 2 fingers in windows world & only one un cubase !
more fingers sysem is not cheap around 1000/1500 € & more !

why do you say Cubase is limited to 1 touch?

Interesting… could you be more specific please? I tried various solutions, ( but I could not get it to work with cubase in a satisfactory way… For example using a ‘normal’ W7 multitouch screen you can’t even use the mute or solo buttons in the mixer because they are not recognised as buttons, and it is impossible to move more than 2 faders, AND you first have to double-click them to be able to move them. (+ everything is way too small anyway)…

So how do you get this to work? Can you explain?

I would be interested to know if the “3M SCT3250EX Cleartek II Capacitive Touch Screen Kits” in your link don’t have these problems, and if they are true multitouch…(5 fingers?)

Lemur (or several other good apps that are out there) running on an Ipad will do that for you and it can be carried around the studio or setup anywhere away from the computer (in a sound room for example and controlled by the person being recorded…). Plus it acts as an extra monitor that doesn’t crowd your existing monitor(s) with mixer channels etc… Furthermore, the Ipad will bring you a host of other interesting apps to fool around with in your studio…

I was asking because you mention cubase can only register 1 touch and i was wondering if cubase is locked down to just 1 click… i dont know what you did, i think you had problem with configuration between your OS and the monitor, a touch should equal to a mouse click. if its cubase limiation then i dont know.

Multi touch 5 fingers and up are a limitation of the controller and the design of the panel, i dont know exact specs for the kit i posted, i believe all Capacitives are from 5 fingers and up and the 2 touch are by design on some of the older IR screens, its different technologies and differ in performance and execution… the Apple’s are all Capacitive but they have the software to back it up and the OS built around it so a windows solution wont be the same. windows solutions is basically just a mouse emulation… there are workarounds…

look here,
Contact them…

I was in the same situation as you, i wanted this but gave up because i started reading about other techs, it just brings you to one solution after the other, price goes up accordingly. There is like 100 of different combinations of this tech. If they had it in a shop for testing i would have probably bought something which worked, but i couldnt find the right combination. to me 27" is minimum.