Multi track audio/midi record

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Just wondering if anyone has used VST live to multi track audio and midi? I can see its an option, but haven’t tried it yet. I got a live video shoot tomorrow night and was possibly looking into using VST live to capture the band audios and midi (to mix down at a later point) whilst simultaneously sending a video out to a projector. I don’t have the opportunity to do a test run of it so was looking for any tips and things to look out for. Or perhaps it’s not stable enough and I should stick to a standard DAW.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Stephen_Mackrill,

yes, VST Live is ready for Multi Track Audio/MIDI recording while playing other Tracks (Audio, MIDI, DMX or Video). But please notice that VST Live does not include a mixdown function. You would need to export the VST Live project, import it to Cubase and do a mixdown there.

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You can sort of mixdown using the global recorder function though.

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