Multi-track audio warp quantising

Not sure if this is a happy coincidence or a bug that Steinberg will remove - but it looks like you can do multi-track audio warp quantising in addition to the advertised multi-track event quantising. I can’t find any explicit reference to this capability in the manual but it seems to work. I went through the usual multi-track quantise process, ie:

  • Put the multi-tracks into a folder.
  • Enable group edit on the folder.
  • Invoke Sample Edit on each relevant track and adjust hitpoints.
  • Make sure all the tracks in the folder are selected.
  • Invoke the Quantise dialog and setup the track priorities and quantise parameters as usual.

At this point you would Slice and poke the Quantise button, instead of doing this just invoke Edit->Advanced->Audio Warp Quantize and you’ll see the hitpoints on all tracks warp to their quantised positions - no slicing required! I’ve tried this on multi-track drums and guitar (ie DI + Amp mic). Not listened closely to the drum tracks to see if they phase but the guitar tracks seem pretty good - no warping artifacts.

This capability is a big deal for me - I’ve recently migrated to Cubase 6 from Sonar because as much as I like the latter after countless releases Cakewalk still can’t get Audiosnap to work. Now if Steinberg can just make free warping of single and multiple tracks in the track view to make alignment easier a reality I’ll be even happier.


when you want to quantize all the tracks, then please do the following:

  1. select the bass drum track for example
  2. do the tempo detection
  3. select all you tracks
  4. go to Audio --> Advanced --> Set definition from tempo


Make sure that you select the right stretch algo’s after that

Just to clarify.

Using the pault method I’m guessing all tracks would quantise to their own tabs only so not retain phase?

Following Chris’ instruction…this will not actually quantise anything at this point??
Only the tracks definition is set so now if you change tempo to a fixed tempo it will in effect quantise the tracks ?
This is only possible for every track in project…not for a selected group?


Following Chris’ instruction…this will not actually quantise anything at this point??

Give it a try I would say



Give it a try I would say

& would you say this because you don’t know the answer or because you prefer to keep important useage instructions of your products secret from your customers?

I have set my audio definition from tempo (on the whole project) quite a few times & this in itself does not quantise anything as far as I can see… as your tempo map is set to your bassdrum by the detection the bass drum hits will already be on the grid but the grid will still be varying in tempo.
I believe (& please do correct me if I am wrong) that it’s only by squaring up the grid (switching to fixed tempo) that any real quantisation will take place.

Hi Grim

The technique I described seems to work exactly like the Sliced approach, ie when you invoke the Quantize dialog on the selected tracks the prioritised hitpoints are copied to the other tracks and when you do Audio Warp Qauntize the hitpoints on all the tracks quantise in sync except that no slicing is done.

Interesting…thanks for that. I’ll have a play…this certainly isn’t a documented feature though. I wonder if it’s work in progress?
Now if only you could grab any tab in the group & move it manually in the project window, we would have the perfect multitrack warp solution!

Except that the Sliced approach doesn’t timestretch, it only fill gaps from the underlaying audio files. The Audio Warp Quantice/hitpoints without slicing will have to stretch/compress the audio files timewise.

Not quite sure what you’re getting at…I think we already understand the difference between slicing & warping.

Pault is just referencing the slice method to mean he is using the folder/group editing setup but then is using audio warp quantise on the whole group which is something I didn’t think was possible (& is certainly undocumented)

If in fact it’s possible to group edit with warping is it too much to hope that the next update may implement it fully with a way to do group freewarping as well as quantising which is what I would really like to see.

That said. Why or why not to use timestretch/timecompression on certain things is another (and lenghty) discussion.
Let that rest in this thread.

Indeed…let Steinberg give us the final option of group freewarp & we’ll be spoilt for choice :wink:

I use and have had great results with this method opposed to the slice and quantize method with my multi drum tracks. I do prefer the time stretch it applies.

And once you have used the tempo detection (page 473) on say the kick track you can manualy re-adjust the hitpoints with the other tracks visable (ie. if you want a hitpoint to favor the snare or Tom at any point) and then set the definitions for all the tracks using the set definitions from tempo (page 476) Audio menu/Advanced sub menu. Then use the Audio Warp Quantize (page 110) on the Edit menu / Advanced sub menu.

page 233 in Cubase 8 manual has the following note:
Note that AudioWarp quantizing does not maintain phase coherence.

And AFAIU this video shows a workaround for audio warping multiple audio tracks without losing phase coherence.

So therefore I am positively surprised to read that you guys have been achieving good results with quantizing multiple audio tracks using the AudioWarp quantize function.