Multi-track Color Change

Hi All,
Usually if I need to make a synchronous change to more than one track, I select all tracks in question then press “Shift+ Alt” and execute.
When I’m on the mixconsole, this doesn’t seem to work with color change by clicking the bottom right of one of the selected tracks.
Am I missing something or is there a different key combo for this?


I would say, colour change is not part of Q-Link. I have a feeling, it has been discussed already here on the forum.

Ok, thanks for verifying.

I would like as well to have it in Q-Link. It would be easy to color many tracks at once.

You can however select multiple Channels/Tracks (either in the MixConsole or Project Window) and then change their color all at once in the Project Window. No Q-Link involved.

Thanks Raino! I’ll try that next time in.

I am having odd color change behaviors with Cubase 10.5… sometimes the color change window works in the project window on tracks, sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t tracked down a reason yet… and I definitely can’t seem to change multiple tracks at once. Is there a particular logic behind how this works? thx!

If you have any Parts selected it will change the color of the Part & not the Track. I’ve gotten in the habit of clicking on an empty spot to make sure no Parts are selected before starting to change Track Colors.

My habit is to use “Select None” to make sure nothing is selected before I then select tracks to set to a color.

What? How? I never managed to success. I select tracks (not parts) and when I open the color palette to pick a color only one track changed.
What am I doing wrong or different?

I just tried it in CB10. Every track I selected changed to the color I selected in the color palette.

Don’t know how long this has been going on but I didn’t realize you could select an instrument picture for each track. Another good feature for quick track recognization.


This is in Cubase since Cubase 6 (or so…). :wink:

I wasn’t on board with the full version until Cubase 9. Previous to that, I had Cubase Studio 5.
All good!

(Cubase 10 Pro, Win 7 Pro)

Set track colors from the Project Window, not the Mixer (on the Mixer channel colors can be set one by one, only).

  1. Make sure nothing is selected with “Select None”
  2. Select the Tracks you want to set to the same color on the Project Page
  3. Select the color from the Color Picker menu

Result: All selected tracks take the color selected.

If this doesn’t work, re-do Step 1 but set the selected tracks to Default Color and then to the color you want.

Yes it works thank you BUT sometimes it doesn’t. 8 open a project and there is no way to work. I have to see if something is wrong with my template. When I succeded it was a new template.