Multi-track comping in C6 or 6.5

I’ve been using C6 and have loved the comping capability. I haven’t yet pulled the trigger on 6.5 yet. I only have used comping for single-track audio so far… but now I’m actually doing multitrack recording and I’m wondering if the comping tool works as well with multiple tracks at the same time.

For example, let’s say I have a drum kit mic’d up with 8 mics. I record several takes of the drum track and now want to comp together the best take. Clearly I don’t want to have to do that one mic at a time… I want Cubase to know I recorded all 8 tracks at the same time and let me slice and comp them all together as a group.

Is this possible? In the comping section of the manual, it didn’t mention anything about this, but it must be pretty common.

I just read the next page. Folder grouping. Works like a charm. NVM guys.