multi-track Elastique

A feature like this would make the job of tightening up drums much more intuitive. Even tightening up the bass guitar to the kick drum! This feature would make my need for another daw! This way, I would ONLY need cubase!



+1! please?

I so hate having to use pro tools for this. Please implement some version of free warp across multiple tracks while keeping the tracks in phase.

And please! Make an adjustable grid in audio editor! There is still no triplet grid! It is ridiculous in the year 2015.




yes, for drum editing, it is essential!

+1 yes yes time for cubase to get this now! Other DAW´s have had it for a long time now


By the way, for those who like the ideas in the posts above make sure to fill out the user survey under the General section of the forum.


+1, anybody seen the melodyne4 video from S.O.S. yet?

Tempo map the drums using time warp tool (warp the grid), use “set definition from grid” function, delete tempo map. write any tempo changes back into tempo map. there you go, multi track time stretch in phase across any number of tracks using the elastique pro algorithm.

Bounce all audio to make permanent when happy :slight_smile: