Multi-track live recording. How? Help

I have cubase 8 with a pc windows 7 and a Yam MG 12fx. Im having trouble recording live. When I play guitar and sing both the vocal and guitar appear on the same track. How do I record live and have them on different tracks?

What audio interface are you using?

A Yamaha MG12fx with a USB link to the laptop

As you are not clear about your setup’s routing, some basics points to cover (just to be sure):
a) Do you have separate connections for each? (This is like a have you connected the power question!)
b) Is it purely acoustic, and you are getting bleed-through? You may need to set up figure-8 mics at right angles (worked for our stuff).
c) Have you set up separate mono Cubase input channels from each?
d) Are your Cubase tracks mono, and each set to different inputs?

You mixer is not really capable of multitrack recording as such. The usb connection is only stereo in/out basically.

That said you can sort of do it by cheating things a bit. You need to create 2 mono inputs in vst connections one assigned to the L/1 channel and one to R/2. Then you have to pan your vocal all the way left and guitar all the way right.

Record each input to it’s own track.