Multi-track multi-take editing

Something that has been bothering me for a very long time is this…When editing a multi-track multi-take performance that is grouped in a folder, if a track is selected and I cut it, it cuts every take in the group. I really don’t want this to happen. If I wanted every take in the group to be cut I would select every take. I don’t think it is a bug but rather a choice or at least an error of omission and it slows me down enormously having to deselect the track for each edit. Please fix this!


Make sure that only the take you want to cut is selected.

I’ve just tried this by recording three tracks, looping three times to create three takes/lanes for each track. On initially opening the folder all tracks/lanes just recorded are selected. So click in blank space to deselect them all and then re-select just the lane or lanes you want to edit.

I’m on N7.1.40

That should do it, unless I am misunderstanding you.

On stacked audio i think that if you use the split tool, you will cut through all takes whatever take is selected, but if you use alt+x instead of the split tool, only the selected take gets cut.

If I were you I’d use one trackversion per take.


I’m trying to save on extra clicking by not having to deselect for every edit.

Alt+x is too slow and cumbersome for lots of editing.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a problem?


have you tried track versions instead of just stacking them.

Time for my re-request for this to be addressed. Yes I do use track versions when it’s appropriate but the problem comes up when comping a multitrack/multi-take part. To move quickly, all clips need to be on the same track (multiple lanes) so track versions doesn’t help unless I’ve already comped the take.

So again the problem is, when cutting a clip that is selected, every clip in every lane gets cut, even though they are not selected. Only when nothing is selected can I focus my cuts where I want them. I really want to cut only the selected clip.

Another problem I have - crossfading reaches clips in lanes above where the clips are selected. The system should assume that adjacent clips in the same lane are the only ones to be crossfaded. If I want to crossfade with a clip in another lane I would select that clip.