Multi track recording

I have 3x Motu 896 interfaces.
I want to setup Cubase to simultaneously record on all 24 tracks.
Best ways to do this?

I’m not familiar with the 896 but am assuming that its ASIO driver will let you access all three at the same time.

In Studio>Audio Connections>Inputs create 24 mono input busses, one for each physical input. Use those busses as the source for Audio Tracks.

Also the physical input assignments are not exclusive so you can use the same input for multiple busses. So in addition to the 24 mono busses above you could also create 12 stereo busses using the same physical inputs.

That was easy, thanks

Next question.
At the same time as recording, is it possible to send a program feed to a streaming service. This feed would be a mix of all tracks without solo or mute affecting the output to program feed?

In other words, if a band wanted to live stream to Youtube or Facebook, how would I set that up so I could solo(pfl) channels without that affecting the program feed?

Use a cue send for the stream.

There are a few ways. But probably the most straightforward is to treat your program feed like it is a headphone mix to an artist. You’ll need to turn on the Control Room (if not already) and in Audio Connections>Control Room create busses for both your speakers and up to 4 cues. Now using one of the cues you can create an independent mix for your feed. See the OPs manual for details & options.

Thanks for the reply.
Control Room is only available in Pro. Im feeling my way in with Elements right now.
Understood I could setup a send as a cue and use that.
When I did that I found I couldnt monitor that output. I tried clicking on SOLO on that send bus but got nothing in CR speakers?

Ah Elements, yeah bad info for that (fyi this is why we encourage folks to put their system info in their signature, hint hint :wink: )

In Studio>Audio Connections does Elements let you setup External FX? If so, you can use that. If not you may not be able to do this in Elements… Although I’m not certain about that.

If you only need the capability for a short time you could download the Pro demo & use that.

Thanks for the help … Cubase is a new platform for me. Been using less than 2 months and absolutely love it. Will eventually upgrade to pro. Next I have to figure out streaming to Youtube and Facebook. There is a number of musicians in my area interested in this while we go through this pandemic.