Multi Track Spectral Analysis on Group Tracks

I was chatting with some friends of mine one evening in the studio.

Most, if not all users of DAWs, use the basic routing of audio channels mixed into group tracks for processing. Drums, Vocals, Gtrs, etc.

What would be kind of clever, and a very functional feature for mixing, would be an option on the group track frequency analysis window that would show the different frequencies of the tracks that were routed to that particular group track in real time, on top of each other, labeled with different colors, and listed by track on the side or bottom.

I have seen this plugin by a third party developer and its very very useful but a bit complicated to use.

This would really be convenient in terms of locating overlapping frequency issues and the like.

Now, I realize that there would have to be some level of limitations to this (you can’t have 50 things going on at once), but just to have this ability would be great on say 8 tracks.

Or maybe do this with a whole new type of track?

The point being is that when i have multiple tracks running into a single sub mix, it would be really nice to be able to see what is going on in that particular sub mix in greater detail.

Thanks! :mrgreen: