Multi-User Projects, Real-Time Project Sharing. Each users edit page given own "track Separator", or Network Track Type

It would be great to see some network and media/project sharing protocols come to play. Business can be built off these sorts of features.

You have people all working on one project each doing a job to a locked picture

-Recording/Editing ADR
-Location mic noise reduction/pre-mixing
-Music composition
-Gun shots and action SFX
-Mix engineers

Why can’t all of these people be working on the same project file, in the same studio (or from somewhere else) on a network, and all be able to see in real-time, and listen to (if unmuted) each others work progress.

Each individual person would appear in eachothers projects as a project edit window with a separator like the track separator.

The users could mute/solo each others work.

There could be group visible shared marker tracks

The project leader, could have additional admin capabilities, like to initiate a project wide revision backup (which hopefully they notified everyone)

Talk about post-pro efficiency.

Maybe this could be a type of track, a Network Track, which lets users bounce/render their work to and it’s shared across a network.

ie, Jim creates a ‘Network track’ and automatically that track appears in every ones project whom are logged into the master network project with a non-interrupting message (like a hotkeyed preference change notification), Jim exports his work to this track, and the file begins to load to the network and renders into everyone elses project onto ‘Jims Network Track’

It would be great to have timeline based rendering like is in most video programs, so that people could choose which parts of their project to render to their network track as they progress on their work. A hotkey could be set up to do this render, so that with a speedy machine, a render only takes a few seconds - like the amount of time to peel and eat a banana.

The admin of the project, could send real-time messages to people, “Lunch/Mid-day Backups in 15min”. and or, have a chat window. Make this sh!t multi-player yo

Much of this is Nuendo exclusive features. Have you tried a Nuendo trial?

Not in a while, that’d be cool if this was in there though. i’ll read the manual. any hints of what to search?

To be clear, it’s not exactly what your request contains, my post is a more of set-your-expectations as to the scope of the app derivatives.

Okay, thanks

The features I listed, I feel like, if I had them in my hands now, and I put together a crew of my audio friends… we’d be the #1 audio-post company in my city.

It would be great even, if some how the video editor could be included to this. Like what if someone in Premiere could be exporting duplicate renders to a Nuendo project sub-folder, which then Nuendo auto-detects and adds to the time line in the right spot.


This should be the next big thing in Nuendo

We’ve got cross integration into other Software via ARA2, integration into wWise, now integration with video editors.