Multi Users Activation Error

I have 16 Cubase v13 computers in a multi user/school environment. I have installed Cubase fine on 15 of them and we are using their Multi User script that activates the computer for any user.

There is one computer (identical to all others) that installs fine, but any user that logs in gets ‘No valid license found’.

I can see the computer name listed in My Steinberg activation manager as ‘Activated’.

I have tried removing the computer from the account, completely reinstalling Windows 11 and Cubase, it activates (using their script - ‘License successfully enabled for all users’) and appears back in activation manager but it still errors for any user - ‘No valid license found’.

Any ideas?

I have raised a Cubase support ticket but their response is so slow, It’s been 5 days and no reply…