Multi-voice Dynamics on Percussion staves

I have been searching the help documentation and quite a few forum posts, but have not found the instructions I am looking for.
Could someone please create a video tutorial how to add different dynamics to percussion instruments in the same stave? It should look like this::

If your percussion instruments are in a kit (as I expect they are), then display the kit (temporarily) as individual lines (in Layout > Players > Percussion) and add expression to each individual instrument (line) individually. That will not be reflected when you display the kit on a five-line staff, but the individual dynamics you added to each instrument will affect that instrument.

Hi Derrek,
Yes I know. I started with adding the dynamics in the single-line view and was quite surprised to not see them in the five-line staff.
I don’t care about playback, I am writing sheet music for myself to play in live orchestra, combining multiple percussion parts. So that’s why I need those dynamics to be displayed properly.

You can display any dynamics you wish on the five-line staff display; they will not affect playback. Although this may seem to create extra work, it actually allows much greater flexibility among the dynamics of the various instruments, just as a player might do.

Hi Derrek,
I tried this, before my original post. I now made a screen video of what happens when I try to add multiple dynamics in the 5-line staff. On the right side you can see the single line mode which has all the correct dynamics.
The first one works just fine, but as soon as I try to add a second dynamic on the same location of the score, it overwrites whatever is there already.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? If so, please record also a screen video to show which steps to take.

Thank you!

Using Note Performer Sounds I made the attached test project showing that the percussion dynamics can work independently as set in the single-line format even though no dynamics show on the five-line-staff part.

percDynamics.dorico (576.2 KB)

Hello Derrek,
I really appreciate you trying to help me. But it looks like you are misunderstanding my problem.
I want to see dynamics in the 5-line staff view, as in the example of my very first post. What happens with playback in Dorico doesn’t interest me at all. The objective is to print a part, with 5-line staff not single line mode, that has all the dynamics for different “voices” of the percussion showing.
To come back to the screenvideo I shared in my previous post. In the single line view (right side) you can clearly see three different dynamics. One for Cymbal, one for Triangle and the third for bass drum. I want all of them also to display on the left side, in the 5-line staff. However when I try to do that, the first dynamic I enter works fine. The second one overwrites the first and the third overrides the second. So I end up with only 1 dynamic where there should be 3.
I read something about multi-voice dynamics using “Alt-Enter” to input the dynamic. However that doesn’t seem to be working on percussion staves.
Hence my question, can anyone help me explain how to create the multi-voice dynamics as shown in my first post.

You can’t show multiple dynamics from the single-line instruments in the five-line staff or grid views, I’m afraid: the dynamics are independent between the two presentation types. You can add dynamics at different rhythmic positions and flip them above/below the staff using F (Edit > Flip).

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the reply. I was already afraid it would turn out to be like this.
For the example from my first post, how would you solve that with a workaround? Because it’s the same rhythmic position for both instruments …
In my experience this is something quite common. Often, percussion parts are “condensed”, written for two players, but on a single stave/part.

I’d first add the dynamics that go above the staff, and flip them there. Then I would position the caret at e.g. the second eighth note position in the bar and add the single dynamic that should appear below the staff, and in Engrave mode I’d then nudge it leftwards.

Thanks Daniel!
I’d still like to see the ability to use the same functionality as for multi-voice instruments towards the future. But this workaround can be used in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face: