Multi VSTi - re-think


I am hitting issues with the Multi-channel VSTi implementation as it stands at the momentin N6.5. Besides the odd buggy behaviour (as I have reported) which will have to be addressed, can I please suggest an ideal behaviour for these as follows:

When a new MIDI track is assigned to a VSTi (in effect taking into Multi-timbral territory) could this new MIDI track actually look and behave like a VST Instrument track please? What I mean by this is:

1 When selected in the Project window, the corresponding audio output should be auto-selected in the mix console, just like the original VSTi track behaves.

2 When the automation disclosure is touched to fold down automation (in project window), the audio automation should be revealed, not MIDI automation.

3 These additional “auxiliary” MIDI tracks should really look and behave like the “main” VSTi track from which they spawn.

4 To help visually, these spawned tracks should be bounded (in the project window) to the main VSTi track, perhaps by being themselves nested in some way.

5 When parts belonging to Multi-VSTi’s are dragged across projects, the loading process, and automation and track structure should be maintained and not introduce anomalies as they do at present.

6 Finally, ideally, the Media Bay should be able to query at will any previously saved project, and audition and load any Multi-VSTi’s contained therein, without the user having to recourse to thinking of saving presets (from those old projects) beforehand. In effect, all projects previously saved on disk should offer up their sound resources to the Media Bay.

As the Multi-VSTi stands at the moment, it’s a real botch job if I may be so bold as to say. The implementation is neither in the MIDI track world or the Instrument track world. It really needs to be clearly constructed so that it is ABSOLUTELY clear on screen what is going on.

So personally, SB, I would skip fixing the TRIM bug I reported, and re-think the structure of the Mutli-VSTi completely (and of course sort out TRIM while you are there). It needs to be solid as a rock, and totally “in the VSTi” domain, across all the tracks and channels.