Multiband compressor = buggy (creates noises during export)

The multiband compressor is very buggy; it creates distortions and artefacts even when exporting through the “export audio” features. It sounds like when your computer cannot follow audio files, or when you load a plugin… it’s the same noise you get after export.

Also, very buggy because you cannot record a audio track with an automation of the multiband bypass, because it will stop recording (while continueing playing) and will close the fchannel where the multiband compressor is loaded.

If you intend to compress or master inside cubase, the multiband compressor will only make your life harder… until it is fixed. too bad, because i fiond it rather easy to work with… but it is not reliable :-/

cubase 5 .3 , w7 x64

I have found that the multi-band compressor gets some crackles and pops if you use very short attack or hold times. I had a much better result using attack around 35 to 50 ms (minimum) and hold around 80 to 100 ms (minimum). You could see if that helps.

Thanks a lot,
indeed, some of the bands have an attack of 0.1ms (or, the minimal setting, the fastest attack).
It is unfortunate, but thanks a lot, because I wouldn’t have found myself , now I know !