Multiband Compressor - Last version with draw of transfer curve?

As above…I cannot find a replacement compressor that has the ability to draw the transfer curve in any decent compressor. I dont use native plugins because of portability (I work across different daws etc) even though some are great. In the case of the older multiband, its a definite exception…Im on Cb11 and would like to use that old version ie with multiple points etc

The earliest I can remember is 7.5 but cant see if it was a 64bit plug or not.

It would be amazing if Steinberg were to implement bezier transfer curves with the older draw mode ie using 3db steps; if you want a visual on what your compression is doing…just do the same using transfer curves in photoshop etc to reveal shadows/compress highlights. Its the no nonsense way to manage upward/downward compression as opposed to the newer version of the plugin although I appreciate a lot of the other new features.

Melda MdynamicMB when you enter the edit mode maybe can work for what you´re looking for.