Multiband compressor plugin - disable auto makeup gain compensation

this plugin ALWAYS compensates gain when compressing (on all bands).
please stop compensating…
it is difficult to mix a dialogue, vocal, or anything, when you are trying to “tame” that ugly frequencies that humans produce when speaking or God forbid sing…
or subs on bas, music, etc…
please give us a button that disables that auto gain compensation (also on side chain)

Hi soundcage,
you are right. We should add this for a future version. In side-chain mode, though, there shouldn’t be an auto make-up.


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Whell there are some strange stuff going on at sidechain part, hard to explain… It sounds like “release” function in bugged.
Also metering is a bit broken ( flickering)
Im on mac os

hi @andreasm ,
is this fixed yet?
i read release notes for updates, no mention for this bug.

No, this hasn’t been looked at, yet, I’m afraid.

12.0.60 is out.
dont see anything in release notes about this issue.