Multiband compressor side-chain section

I use the Multiband Compressor a lot for ducking the bass with the bass drum. What I don’t understand is if the so-called Side-Chain Section is to be used in external side-chain set-ups, or if it is strictly for internal side-chanining of a signal (when the M-band comp is used as a regular insert on a channel).

If this is indeed an internal side-chain filter, then I don’t understand what is meant in the manual by “To be able to use the side-chain function for the bands, global side-chain must be activated for the plug-in.”

Can someone please help me out here?



It’s external. Enable the the side chain on the plugin like on any other plugin that support side chain. Then you can use/enable the side chain on the individual bands.

Thanks peakae,

That is what I thought. And now I know. It is a very handy feature.

All the best,