hi steinberg support team

The threshold metering react different then when use the MULTIBAND COMPRESSOR with the live function is activated.

Maybe has something to do with the look ahead function not being available in live mode, it then becomes reactive rather than preemptive?

do you have the same problem can you check this

Sorry, no. My DAW is at my studio and I’m not there!

BTW: I would appreciate if we have: sidechain-button in MB-comp.

please stay on the topic or make a own post. Thanks you.

And you please post in the appropriate forum(s)

Why dis trash talk

Because you created at least 7 new topics today, 4 of which got moved and 1 got locked :stuck_out_tongue:

On topic though: I think Split nailed it. The multiband compressor introduces quite a bit of latency which Cubase can compensate for, but if you want to use it on a live signal then this is obviously not possible. In order to still make the MBC useable live, they added the live button which means the MBC operates at a much lower latency, at the cost of reduced quality because it doesn’t take time to ‘look ahead’.