multiband dynamics plug

Hi,i am following a tutorial in computer music mag,and they are using ableton.They insert the multibands dynamics plugin,iwas wondering is there an equivalent in cubase?

Did they say multiband compressor? Cubase does have a multiband compressor under Dynamics. If its not a compressor, provide a little more information on what they were doing with it.

It seems that’s not a true multiband compressor. More a multiband loudness optimizer.

So no, Cubase doesn’t have one.

it says"add an instance of multiband dynamics,and turn the mid level up to 1.70dB and the high level up to 3.50dB"

Niles, Thanks for the info. I stand corrected. :confused:

I wonder what they mean by “mulitband dynamics plug”? Maybe a combination compressor/expander?

so cubase dosent have a plug the same as the one in ableton then.
does anyone know any 3rd party plug like this?

I don’t know the ableton one, but I use Waves C6 and like it quite a bit. (digital humor).