multibar rest only in first flow...

Fellow Dorico users,

When having the same settings about multi bar rests I get them to see only in parts of the first flow, not in the second one; there I get a large 1 above all empty measures.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in Advance!

There must be something in the second flow causing the multi-bar rests to break. Can you zip up and attach the project here so I can take a look?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for looking into this matter. I tried to upload the file which is 4 MB’s when zipped (and almost the same as the original file) and it says: file too large.

How can I fix this?


Try uploading it to and post the link here.

Succes: I tried to make the file smaller by deleting the first flow but that did not do the trick.
So I have two files now.Here are the links:

Unfortunately both of those links are giving me a 404 error. Could you please try once more? Sorry for the hassle.

Hi Daniel,

Here another try.Hope this will work.


No, alas not. Just email it to me: d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this thread so that I know what I’m looking at, and please excuse me if you don’t get a super-fast response. I get an insane amount of email and am not very good at keeping up with it.

I think the problem might be that deletes the file after it has been downloaded once. So if Joe Public on the forum downloads it before Daniel gets there, it’s gone…

Damn that Joe Public… If ever I meet him, I’ll give him a piece of my mind.

Hi Daniel,
Whoopsie daisy…I did that…OK, give me that piece of your mind, I might play it…

Does it work now?


No, because I expect some other mischief-maker has clicked on it instead. Never mind – I see you have emailed it to me now, and I’ll look at it ASAP.